Writing Can Be a Shard of Wood Under Your Toenail

I’ll preface this by saying that I will never EVER give up writing. Never. Why? Because it’s in my blood. It’s out of my hands. I have no choice.

This qualifies me to call myself a writer AND to be declared certifiably insane. Why? Because writing is NOT easy (usually). Writing is hard work. Sometimes it’s torture. Sometimes it’s a shard of wood shoved deep under your toenail.

I make this statement having experienced both. Last week, while wearing sandals, I drove a shard of wood so far under my toenail that the local torturer’s guild was a bit surprised. So, yes, I am fully aware of the analogy I am making. To say it hurt like hell is like saying that bacon is just kind of good.

Coincidentally, I had a week where the writing was just not even remotely easy. I had to bleed out every sentence, wrestle every single word to the paper. It was torture, it was work. But I didn’t stop. Why? Because I am a writer and sometimes that’s what writing is.

However, like physical wounds, writing wounds heal. You have to give them time and you have to take care of them. So, while the toe healed and the antibiotics fought off infection, I wrote through the agony. I wrote through the “block”, “wall”, “lack of inspiration”, “absent muse”, whatever you want to call it. Sure, word counts were low, but 100 words on the page is better than zero.

I wrote and I struggled and I wrote some more and by the end of the week…I discovered that I had written right through the chapter that was giving me such a hard time. I tell you this to share with new writers, to remind veteran writers, and to shed a light on the craft for those curious about writing.

Writing is hard. Writing is work. Writing can be torture at times. But, writing IS magic and no matter how many shards of wood anyone shoves under my toenails, I’ll never give it up.

Happy writing!!!!!

If you need further proof that writing is difficult, please learn from Don Music and Kermit the Frog..


One comment on “Writing Can Be a Shard of Wood Under Your Toenail

  1. Carlie Cullen says:

    I could have written this post a week ago (only maybe without the shard of wood analogy). Last 2 weeks, I’ve had struggles where, yes I was writing but each few words were like trying to squeeze that very last bit of toothpaste from the tube.

    But did I stop? NO! Did I keep working through the agony? YES! Would I keep persevering with my writing – ABSOLUTELY!

    Like you, writing is in my blood – I won’t EVER stop!

    This is a great post! It tells it like it is. Writing isn’t easy and new writers or those considering writing need to know the bad sides as well as the good!

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