First Steps to Mordor

Well, now we’re off at last!” said Frodo. They shouldered their packs and took up their sticks, and walked around the corner to the west side of Bag End. “Good-bye!” said Frodo, looking at the dark blank windows. He waved his hand, and then turned and (following Bilbo, if he had known it) hurried after Peregrin down the garden path. They jumped over the low place in the hedge at the bottom and took to the fields, passing into darkness like a rustle in the grasses. (p. 79, The Lord of the Rings, collector’s edition)

So there it is…finally, after all the talk, I am ready to literally walk the walk. This morning, I put on my hobbit shoes (i.e. Vibram Five-finger shoes), slipped the one ring around my neck and mounted the treadmill. I have officially left the Shire. Only 1,220 miles to go…

For anyone not sure what’s going on here, I am literally walking to a figurative Mordor. I wanted to combine my desire to exercise with my need for living creatively and my infatuation with all things literary. Here are the details.

This is a just a short post (obviously) to let y’all know the journey has begun. If you see any of the Nazgul, please be so kind as to tell them I went the other way.


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