NIH Certification. Versed in Ethical Questioning.

While many of you were watching the second half of the Super Bowl, I was engaging sets of hypothetical ethical questions. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has created an extramural research certification process designed to ensure and enforce the protection of human research participants. Though my current research does not constitute test subjects or clinical studies, it is important to understand the rights afforded people in the process of future research.

It took a couple hours to complete and was quite informative. The program is designed to involve the participant in a series of situations and questions that determine the understanding of the information presented. The questions that were asked in response to imagined situations were interesting and helped to propel one through an otherwise exhaustive amount of history related and departmental facts.

While Green Bay was hoisting the Lombardi trophy, I was printing out my NIH certificate, and considering myself much more ethical than some quarterbacks on some teams.


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