Et tu, Bloggus?

I just read an article in the current edition of National Geographic stating that there are approximately 7 billion people in the world. Well, 6 1/2 billion people are blogging. Exaggeration? Yes, of course…but these days it seems like everybody has a blog, a tweet, a website and/or presence. People are Linked In, Facebooked, Flickering, My Spacing (does My Space still exist or did Facebook do to them what Play Station did to the Nintendo 64?).

Anywho, as if the world needed another blogger, here I come! See me strutting down the electronic highway with my flashing data pants! But that’s the great part about the world we live in: We all have a voice and we all have the opportunity to share our own experiences, insights, deliberations and thoughts with whomever cares to lend an ear.

So, lend me your ear (or both, if you’d like. I won’t bite, I promise..not yet, at least. We are, after all, just getting to know each other). I am a writer, a father, a husband, a grad student, novelist, dreamer, and chainsaw juggler. I might be pulling your leg on one of those. Maybe.

I’d like to use this space to share with you daring souls who care to take a dare (Charlie Daniels tribute, COMPLETELY out of the blue) writing experiences, thoughts and insights as they pertain to the creative life, or as experienced with a writer’s mind. I’ll cover craft stuff, peer experiences and discussions, links, information, trade topics, writing lifestyle snippets and general creative mayhem.

This Spring will introduce an interesting project for part of my graduate studies. I’ll include that here as well, in order to complete the whole spirit of giving kind of thing. I hope you’ll stay, I hope you’ll bring others along, and most of all, I hope I can entertain, inform, enlighten and enliven in some small way, shape or form.



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